New government guidelines have been announced regarding the efforts to limit corona virus.  Rules on exercise and travel have been relaxed but what does that mean to all of us and our opportunity to experience the outdoor world.  Largely the decision making is being left in our hands.  Outdoor exercise is now unlimited in duration and frequency as is travel to do so.  You can also join one person from outside your household as long as you maintain social distancing.  This is quite a change from previous guidelines but there are some important things to consider before we all rush out.

  • The governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have remained cautious and their travel limits still apply, travelling into or around either could result in being sent home with a fine.
  • “Honey Pot” locations such as National Parks, beauty spots and areas renowned for their outdoor activities will probably see an influx of visitors from outside the area.  Many of these places are, by their nature, remote and have limited resources, notably medical facilities.  We could be putting ourselves and other people at risk by inundating their home area.
  • Rescue services, should you get into difficulty, are operating under limited staffing and reduced services to protect them from exposure.  Please remember that the majority of rescuers are volunteers, many with regular jobs and families to think of.
  • All accommodation and most food businesses remain shut.  Car parks and other public facilities such as toilets may be closed.
  • The virus is still present and we must remain careful and considerate.

In this rapidly developing situation our advice is to get outside but remain local and keep well within your physical or technical limits.

The British (English) Government guidance is in full here.

The British Mountaineering Council have updated their guidance, full guidance issued here and updated here 12/05/20.

This is a good explanation from a Mountain Rescue Team in Cumbria.


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