Welcome to our blog, a little bit of us talking about why and how we work in the outdoors, some things we’ve learnt along the way, people we’ve met and maybe some funny stories.   But first let’s start at the beginning.

Lightfoot Adventures started out in the dizzy days of a new relationship.  Two people who loved exploring and thrived in the outdoors met in a scout hut in Bristol.  Sally had been qualified and working as a UK Mountain Leader for a couple of years and was giving advice to people like Paul, working his way through a lifestyle change hoping to get away from the desk job.  Starting Lightfoot allowed us to run the kind of events we wanted to be working on, using the skills we’d been trained for. Sally had started to work through a higher qualification, the International Mountain Leader, while Paul started on his UK ML.  The process of setting up our own events helped us to consolidate our studying as well as work out what we wanted to do with Lightfoot.

From the beginning it was important that we set out some governing principles for the business to follow that are in line with everything we believe in.  We’d both benefited from time outdoors, from challenging ourselves on adventures and sometimes through tough times. We want to pass these benefits onto our clients, teaching them skills for adventure and exploration and encouraging them through challenges.  We love to spend time in the natural world, it benefits our bodies and our minds. We’ve been lucky to have travelled across the globe but we had to ask, as business owners, how could we make a living from these resources without damage or exploitation.

At the heart of our business would be environmental, social and cultural principles.  Here we explain what that means.


We aim to minimize our impact through careful planning and research, keeping group sizes low and seeking out sustainable options.  

Spending time with clients in the natural world is our opportunity to encourage an awareness and appreciation of it.


We want to be open to everybody and to reduce barriers, making the natural world and adventure accessible.


We seek to invest in the communities that we live in, work in and pass though on our trips.

Lightfoot Adventures started to take shape in 2016.  Paul later qualified as an ML, Sally finished the IML and has had a couple of summer seasons working in the Alps.  We’ve run some great events through Meetup and Facebook and we’ve had some amazing people join us on our adventures.  It’s taken us a while to get the website up and running but now it’s here. Take a look, book onto one of our events, follow us through Facebook, Instagram and Meetup or subscribe to the blog to stay updated.  



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