I’m sat in our third lockdown wondering when did I last have a proper adventure.  This isn’t to say that we can find adventure in our everyday lives, even in lockdown, but when did I last feel really challenged, pushed to my limits just enough to […]
What To Do In An Emergency This will be our last blog piece on the subject of mountain safety and planning your day out. We’ll discuss some general safety tips and what to do in an emergency. General Tips Give out your route to someone, together […]
On The Day Welcome to the fourth in our series of posts on mountain safety and planning a day out in the mountains. Previously we’ve discussed plotting a route, considering the weather and what kit you might need. This time we talk about what to be […]
All The Gear “Theres no such thing as bad weather, only inadequate clothing” Norwegian quote. This is the third post in our series on mountain safety and planning a day in the mountains. If you’ve missed the first two then take the time to go back […]
The Weather and Your Route Welcome to the second in our series of posts about planning an enjoyable and safe day out in the mountains. In this post we’ll talk about the weather and how it might affect your plans. Where do I look? Whether it […]